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The german word Stadtgruen describes the urban parks and gardens where the modern spirit can ground itself and harmonize with its roots.

The netlabel Stadtgruen would like to consider the alive contradiction which lies in the fundamental but vivid antithesis of culture (stadt) and nature (gruen). A basic idea of the occidental culture is the rational division of the world into two parts. Body and spirit, nature and culture, on this side and hereafter are dialectic poles of our world recognition that is reflected in our living together, our language and our arts. Each human generation has got the task to analyze this relationship anew, to set its own point of view and to create a new synthesis. Thereby sometimes naturalness is outweighing, sometimes artificiality, depending upon the evolution step and the technical possibilities.

With the progressive digitization of our world a new level of artificiality is reached. Reality is doubled digitally and demands nature on an even higher step. The arts have the function to make this new challenge transparent: they can polarize in order to get on a higher level of recognition, but they have to harmonize again the separated in their work in order to bring the recognized back to live.

In addition, the global digitization contributed to the fact that art is no longer an elitist affair. Nowadays many people all over the world can take part in the building up and approximation of their cultures. Stadtgruen wants to set a highlight on those people which avail themselves of the possibilities of contemporary electronics, in order to create their musical contribution for the harmonization of the contrasts: this is our special matter of concern.

We promote clear artistic statements which want to reach new levels of musical synthesis beyond separating analysis. We take our mission minimal concepts for you pleasure seriously. Beyond retrospective chilling music, we present artists who are able to integrate the dynamic development of those contemporary electronics into their own innovative concepts, and to transform them into new harmonies. Thereby our music-theoretical starting point is the classical Minimal Music with its current developments of the Clicks&Cuts scene, Minimal Dub and Minimal Techno.

For us stadt+gruen depicts no longer an antithesis, but poles causing each other within the virulent electronic culture of the third millennium. To show this principle both in whole and in part, we are going to present the more urban aspects of music as [stadt] and its more natural side as [gruen].

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