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»Lakeside« by Georg Neufeld

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Transient Relations

Wake up its springtime, time for arousing moods, for transitions, for the great gender oxymoron. Getting rid of the cold winter chains, feeling the early warm sunbeams on the skin, walking along the lakeside shore you’re being accompanied by one single thought: Love to feel your body. Yearning for sweet closeness the ambience is still too brumal to harmonize the yin and yang. How do we get?

Georg Neufelds ‘Lakeside ep’ is just dedicated to the outlook from his studio window across a spacious lake. Giving free place to his thoughts about all the past nodding acquaintances he filled the emotional desire into the chill mould of deepest minimal house, spiced with abstract disco stabs and flattering industrial twangs. Swinging back and forth between wider patterns, more intimate, smoother parts, and strictly beat driven sequences the ep builds up more and more a state close to satisfaction. It’s just a game of mutual attraction and after all, isn’t it an unending story?

making music may be the kings way to bridge the interval between the seasons, between a gone love and the coming. listening to georg neufelds music will just ring your bells!

Netlabel: Stadtgruen
Release Date: 2004-04-30
Release-ID: gruen003
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