Photo by Rayi Christian Wicaksono

news – History

New Thinner-Screenshots

Today I found some old screenshots on a harddrive. I added them to the Thinner website. These screenshots where taken before died. They are from the last iteration and last design. Read More ›

news – New Music

New Discoveries

While I am slowly building up I once again listen to lots of free music available in the deep worlds of netlabels. Here are some of my current favorites, discovered while digging into the archives. Read More ›

news – Netmusic History

Netlabel & Netaudio Archive Blog The is a collection of articles, screenshots and interviews about netlabel and netaudio culture. You'll find radio interviews, rare screenshots from netlabels from the past, flyers and published articles. Read More ›

news – Kick Off

A long overdue re-start was a truly sorry place for some time. I had to turn of the wiki because hackers and spammers don't care about culture. They destroy. And if you aren't on your toes and keep attention all the time, you'll sometime return and everything went to waste... This time, the restart will be build on static files. Undestructable with the help of GitHub. Read More ›