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»Useless Cutz« by Marko Fuerstenberg

Cover of Useless Cutz

Necessary Changes

To tell the netaudio community something about Marko Fuerstenberg aka Surphase is just like carrying coal to Newcastle. With his new release on Stadtgruen Marko shows a slightly different face than that of the well known master of endless dub-atmospheres and bone-driven beats. With some reflections upon his own situation as well as upon declining social circumstances he changed his attitude. ‘Useless Cutz’ seems to be a programmatic title. Muffled, cut beats, sliced voices, and hectically changing arrangements merge to rough and dirty mixes.

The straight stress and the hectic rush of the last half year, the changes on any level induced me to try out something completely different … music without depth and space … wild sound chips … mixed with dull/musty beats … thus I see also the social development of the future … nothing with depth, less space … hardly anyone has still real plans for the future … above all the youth is very disoriented and disillusioned. This EP is the product of this insight rough, unvarnished, dry, sometimes crudely, sometimes without any style or plan.

Music always should carry the emotions and thoughts of the artist, but in this case Marko changes the direction deliberately. He doesnt let form follow function, but follow his cognition of his certain situation. This direct intervention is less a question of style or fashion, more a way to find the right artistic expression. Its just a matter of artistry being able to react upon ever-changing circumstances instead of adhering to longtime approved concepts. However Marko wouldn’t be an artist if he wasn’t able to transform his discordant approach to a listenable and fresh shape.

We consider his ‘cut’ with his own tradition not ‘useless’ but necessary if life derives from motion. If a community bears such open minded and change willing characters like Marko we shouldn’t be afraid of the future, we think.

  1. Kamptruppe
  2. Hinterher Und Doch Daneben
  3. Busch
  4. Maipfad
  5. Sonderpaedagogik

Netlabel: Stadtgruen
Release Date: 2004-10-13
Release-ID: stadt005
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