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»The Billi-Jane Tracks« by Georg Neufeld

Cover of The Billi-Jane Tracks

Music for Artworks

This EP ist the first assembly of an undogmatic collaboration between Georg Neufeld and Salzburgian artist Billi-Jane Thanner.

Their motto: don’t think!

With this submerging insolence both independent artists have exchanged their thoughts in an unbound and contemporary manner. The results are this EP and furthermore some unique acrylic works of this extraordinary artist.

An image is set to music, resulting in a new picture which has the background of this music – some kind of interdisciplinary collage made of a permanently colluding intention and a mystic affinity concerning art. This principle of reproduction and mutual impregnation proves to be a very efficient work mode and is highly recommended to be imitiated.

This EP is dedicated to the work of Billi-Jane Thanner.

Netlabel: Stadtgruen
Release Date: 2006-06-01
Release-ID: gruen016
Music Style: AMBIENT
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