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»Borkenkaefer« by Krill.Minima

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Small Creatures, Large Effects

In times of forests dieback and global environmental disease it seams to be controversial to praise these three litte creatures.

The bark beetle appears when a forest is diseased and it will make the situation even worse. But thus it contributes to the regeneration of nature. New plants will grow on the ground when the work of this little bug is done. Bugs always drive us to reconsider a deadlocked situation and so we have to start anew. They have survived times long before humans crossed path, and they will always remind us that we are not able to hold a system stable.

And even if we think that we can pluck things from time, that we can make furniture from wood, the next little creature will remind us of finiteness: the wood worm. It will dig its own system into our stolen infinteness until it’s finished. Silent, unseen, cryptically the wood worm performs its task. Do we recognize the inappreciable change of time?

Sometimes if we catch a little lady bird, this symbol of happiness and felicity, we may at the same time catch an insight into the truth of our existence. It’s the slight smiling upon our face when the lady bird goes its way after a little rest. And we may consider the same smiling on our face if we look into the eyes of our children.

So, if you shake your christmas tree and a little creature will crawl away, get the smile!

Netlabel: Stadtgruen
Release Date: 2004-12-02
Release-ID: gruen006
Music Style: AMBIENT – DUB
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