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»Crumbed (Monoide Remixes)« by Various Artists

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Nouvelle Cuisine

Sometimes there is not enough time to eat all the crispy brown rolls in the morning and as we don’t want to waste anything, we have to consider what to do with it. Its up to the cooks imagination to find a clever use for all the rests he finds in his kitchen. Maybe he wants to make a veal cutlet, so he has to crumb the roll with a grater to make a good panade. Or he decides to work up mincemeat to meatballs, so he has to soak and mix the roll afterwards. Two ways for a tasty utilisation of the remaining rolls: one to use its crispiness and the other to expand its inner softness.

Now, what’s more suggesting itself is that Stadtgruen invites a couple of brilliant cooks for a remix competition of Monoide’s five ‘Crispy Brown Rolls’. In addition to the yet label-related artists like Marko Fuerstenberg, Yatsuo Motoki, Dataman, Gras and krill.minima, we proudly present Milos, Niemczyk, Aleks Svaensson, and Barbara Idijot as well as the baker himself.

They adjourned to their kitchens, took some unused and not yet expiring rolls, interspersed some other ingredients and spices, let it roast gently in hot oil and served their new dishes nicely arranged. Up to the temper of each cook this line-up of ‘international cuisine’ shows quite different flavours. According to the philosophy of our little restaurant, our guests may decide ‘á la carte’ which taste they prefer: the more urban and driven way of dining to be always on the jump - or a more calm and relaxed way to sit around the table.

Bon appetite!

Netlabel: Stadtgruen
Release Date: 2005-02-07
Release-ID: stadt008
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