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»Maridia« by Acidrain

Cover of Maridia

Im surrounded by blue shades, floating in deep blue spaces, watching sunbeams shimmering through the silky water. Im weightless, drifting in every possible direction and at the same time resting in my place, enjoying the wide freeness beneath the waves. Encircled by plenty exotic lifeforms in versatile colours, scrutinizing me like an alien or just trying to remain camouflaged, my floating is only limited by the resting amount of oxygen Im carrying along. When my resources run out, I have to leave this world heading for the light again, always having my blissful experiences in these blue depths in mind.

Leaving our common world to dive into deeper and wider regions of our lovely planet is always some kind of a romantic experience. Afar our established culture, (though we have to use technical equipment which our culture has beared) we try to relax, gain new power and discover new things, lifeforms, spheres or even cultures.

This is where our conflict between nature and culture is settled. The romanticist takes such unsolved mysteries and life-hostile places as possibilities of recreation and contemplation. Its the great- and wideness of space and lifeforms which makes it something special, the unrestrainability. Cultural institutions like research facilities and their scientist try to systemize and analyze these biospheres, but is knownledge everything we want?

Netlabel: Stadtgruen
Release Date: 2005-08-14
Release-ID: gruen011
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