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»Movements« by Motionfield

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Tuned Up Tunes

Stadtgruen proudly presents the follow up release to Motionfield’s 2005 “Tangrams & Techniques”. “Movements” contains seven tracks with seven clear idiosyncrasies - arising from one prime cause, though.

Perhaps Petter Friberg elected his pseudonym due to a specific technical approach. His audio design is always defined by several layers, slowly being moved against each other. Thus tangible patterns appear and disappear, like a moire in a curtain softly blown by the wind. The basic temper remains, but it is shifting permanently. There are no surprises, no jumps, no interruptions, but an endless flow of one certain emotion.

If someone would be asked to describe this emotion, he might say “Well, it’s like last sunday, while lying in bed unable to decide getting up or not.” Or “Yesterday I have seen that incredible woman and I couldn’t help but follow her.” Maybe “I always remember that butterfly sitting in the sun. Dreaming!” Just moments in life, but worthwhile holding on to a little bit longer.

And this should be the true reason for making arts and music: just to stay a bit longer. To recall the scene in your head by starting the music again. Or try out this: replay the scene with another track and become the art director of your inner movie. Push up the scene, be more present, act like you ever wanted to act. Get the flow from the tunes, tuning up your daily life. Stay moved!

Netlabel: Stadtgruen
Release Date: 2007-08-04
Release-ID: gruen023
Music Style: AMBIENT
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