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Heavy Industries was realized in 2001 by two producers living in Boston, Massachusetts. Steve Eagle (Fabrik Nos) and Evan LaPann (Simex) had both been members and followers of the online electronic music scene for several years - at sites like mp3.com and Ampcast, Besonic and ElectronicScene, as well as various online collectives that would later turn into respected netlabels. A common denominator was found in all of these places: untapped yet surprisingly good talent. Even though this music was available to those who knew where to look for it, it still was not widely accessible. Because of this, Heavy Industries was formed, to spread this music farther and to act as a meeting ground for people with similar interests from all around the world.

Our collective started with the aid of several producers who had already made names for themselves in the online scene, while some had already released vinyl with traditional labels. This was important to us so we could represent dance music from a wide range of perspectives. When we were setting this all up, we did not set our sights specifically on the techno genre. But over time we began to streamline our focus, and we became known for a mixture of deep, hard and minimal techno and tech house (yeah… and some trance… so sue us!)

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  • Cover of Journey to Kerguelen
  • Cover of Under the Ocean: The Remixes
  • Cover of Another