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»Maintenance EP« by Figure

Cover of Maintenance EP

Figure is one of those elusive, anonymous Internet users who we can find basically no information on. However, for the brief period of time we were in contact with this guy/girl/thing (Figure claimes to be a robot initially designed to take measurments of various rock specimens), we heard a very strange style of music being produced: minimal techno made from found sounds, toys, field recordings and other unknown sources. Figure’s music is indeed robotic and we can think of no other way to describe the Maintenance EP. During these four tracks you will hear Speak-n-Spell manipulations, hard drums, robot voices, ambient recordings, static, glitches, loops, clicks and a restrained use of traditional sounds. This is certainly not music everyone will appreciate but its complete originality is reason enough to offer it here for your listening pleasure.

Netlabel: Heavy Industries
Release Date: 2004-01-11
Release-ID: hi004
Music Style: TECHNO
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