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»Blame« by Simex

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Simex returns to Heavy Industries with three exclusive and exceptional tunes on Blame, further solidifying his reputation as one of the top producers of deep techno in the United States. Blame is Simex’s most polished and mature release to date, at times drawing comparisons to Underworld with its hypnotic textures and arrangements, slick changeups and high production values. Trust us, it’s quite good. Cibo starts us off on the right track - this is one to get the night going with a good amount of energy and that patented Simex deepness. Blurring the lines between what used to be trance and what is now techno, Killy is atmospheric and relentless, a type of music that we haven’t heard duplicated in many other producers out there. Simex completes his trio of tracks with Mana du Vortes, returning to a more moderate pace and treating us to a delicious bassline, beautifully filtered pads and chords that would make Technasia blush in envy. To wrap up the release we hand the reigns over to Terry Hart. Terry is an up-and-coming tech house producer from Pennsylvania whose style fits in perfectly with Simex’s hybrid approach. This is a very DJ-friendly mix, and mellow and restrained enough for house heads. We hope you enjoy this diverse release - you will not be finding much music like this out there on the Internet, so do yourself the favor and save these tracks.

Netlabel: Heavy Industries
Release Date: 2004-11-07
Release-ID: hi012
Music Style: TECHNO
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