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»Sides« by Rasterfeld

Cover of Sides

Sides is a rough, tough intelligent EP full of solid techno percussion, minimal loops, strong cymbals and the occasional reference to the older days of acid techno. Rasterfeld’s tracks are best used opening up a hard techno set, or serving as a change of pace from the standard techno fare that can get repetitive after awhile. Fabrik Nos makes a guest appearance on track 4, remixing an unreleased Rasterfeld track into something a bit harder and more DJ friendly. Bhasic, another fine Finnish producer, also adds his remixing skills and turns Tero’s Untitled track into a slick, sexy house affair which serves as the perfect ending to a half hour of dark, minimal techno.

Netlabel: Heavy Industries
Release Date: 2004-01-11
Release-ID: hi005
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