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»Immunity« by Arthur Oskan

Cover of Immunity

We welcome our second Restructured Recordings artist to our digital domain: Arthur Oskan. With a crisp, deep sound that betrays his minimal techno influences, Arthur naturally fits into that grey area between repetition and progression. Immediately with Accurate Themes you will be drawn into this sparse environment, presenting nice 808 percussion and delicate chords riding on top of a nostalgic bassline. An excellent track, it also prepares you for the relentless trio that follows. Pacemaker benefits from a consistency that’s only gained through gradual layering that harkens to early 90s track structures. Bloor Viaduct is an extension of this interplay between minimal, basic percussion and a Surgeon-like chord insistency. Vigilant continues without missing a beat. Perhaps the best 808 snare in the bunch and a funky appeal that just keeps building the longer you listen. A deep sweeping pad and quirky chord stabs complete what is a fine forray into techno. We thank Arthur for these tracks and for joining the H.I. family. Hopefully we will hear much more material from this gent in the months and years to come.

Netlabel: Heavy Industries
Release Date: 2005-06-12
Release-ID: hi015
Music Style: TECHNO
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