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»Bloody Bassdrum EP« by R.V. Aggelen

Cover of Bloody Bassdrum EP

R.V. Aggelen shows us why he is so respected in online techno with the Bloody Bassdrum EP. With excessive amounts of bland, hard techno saturating the market over the years, it’s refreshing to hear this sort of music made with intelligence and creativity. These four tracks are perfect examples of sound design done right, and not only that, they also show a certain artistic creativity that is consistent throughout. The title track, with its broken beat and sharp hats, begins the EP in a disjointed, and maybe dark, mood. This is not your typical club track but it sure gets the job done. It Wasn’t So Bad is an unholy union between retro arpeggios, Nintendo melodies and demanding minimal percussion. Talk about epic techno! The “B” side to this EP brings us back down to earth with two serious, relentless tracks. Shakin’ Booty is mechanical techno at its best. This is about as hard as we like to go and R.V. manages to kick your ass while still being interesting to listen to. The final track to this EP is Won’t Stop. Wall-shaking bass, mega-compression, floating atmospherics… this is another example of dark, mechanical techno done right. We are very pleased to have Mr. van Aggelen join us at HI and equally pleased to share his diverse yet uncompromising sound with you.

Netlabel: Heavy Industries
Release Date: 2005-01-02
Release-ID: hi014
Music Style: TECHNO
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