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»Another« by Emilsson

Cover of Another

The Swedish tech house maestro Emilsson gives us four standout tracks that travel the spectrum of his chosen genre. Part 1 starts the journey slowly, deeply, subdued. Restrained chords, deep consistent drums and a spacious feel make this one of Emilsson’s sexiest. Part 2 was designed more with the dancefloor in mind, a flawless house affair combining chunky rhythms with floaty chord stabs and a mid-90s atmospheric feel. As we travel to Part 3, the tempo remains at a comfortable pace, but the intensity is raised a notch as a harder techno vibe takes over. Dark, crisp and sharp, this is a perfect example of techno and house joining to create a unique track suitable for many diverse tastes. The final installment in the Another series retains various sounds from the first three parts, but the style changes just enough to give us a new interpretation on the theme. Part 4 is sharp, atmospheric and straightforward, acting as a perfect segway between the calm and the intense. Emilsson’s contribution to Heavy Industries is an extremely tasty one so don’t miss these tracks!

Netlabel: Heavy Industries
Release Date: 2004-01-15
Release-ID: hi009
Music Style: TECHNO
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