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What is camomille

Camomille is a free music net label created by Genshi Media to promote the distribution of high quality, professional music through the use of the internet. We strive to present artists with unique and individual sounds that differ from their pop culture counter parts, while doing the best that we can to keep the »Camomille sound« with as much pertinence and integrity as we can.

The »Camomille sound« ?

Over the releases, camomille has acquired, in all pretention, its trademark »sound«. If stylizing it would be appropriate, you could say its naive, idm electronics mixed with new age and emotional hip-hop, but its much more.

A bit of history

Back in the late 1980s, there was an underground music scene spun from the BBS ( bulletin Board System) scenes. Back then, before the internet was public, people used to log on to another person’s computer by modem. We could upload, download, play games, post messages, all done in nifty ANSI interfaces. MP3s were way too heavy to download with 14.4 kbps modems, so the very popular music format was the module one. Click here to know more about modules[soon]. From the module and demo scenes bred a whole new kind of scene, the netlabel/scene group community, earlier led by groups such as fairlight, level-d, night55, noisemusic and mono and nowadays led by monotonik, tokyo dawn records, hellven, miasmah, kikapu, so on and so forth ( for more go to the links section ).

Camomille History

Camomille was founded on febuary 2nd, 2002, by Vincent Fugère out of the love of ambient music, camomille tea and as a representation of what inspires him to do music to this day. At the time, untill release #24, the camomille team was consisted of Brainwash, Mistrial ( who became echion, then Blisaed), Mv, Kaneel, Shiftless, \slash ( who became Surasshu) and Vizion and after some redesigns and a new member, Xerxes, Camomille started to release many music by non members and thus gave Camomille the look and feel it has today.

Where is Camomille heading ?

We will never know, but we are defenitely aiming at what we always did, good mood enhancing music. We will still have members, but will always invite guest releasers as well as accept submissions to the Camomille Project and as long as the artist enjoy releasing here, we will strive to bring you the best quality music possible.

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Releases in Catalogue: 101
Netlabel-ID: cam


  • Cover of Feelings in General EP
  • Cover of Cycles