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»Live at the rainy season show« by David Kristian

Cover of Live at the rainy season show

Friday, septemeber 16th, apegenine recordings ( a genshi media company ) held the Rhythms for a rainy season launch at the O Patro Vys. This is a mix of sets David Krisian ( alien8 recordings, crème organisation, suction records, piehead ) played with his lapsteel guitare and a handfull of pedals before and after each of the other acts of the night ; the result is 36 minutes of totally engaging music with strong vibes of spontaneity and inspiration. Deciding to entirely ditch beats, he insteaed ops for long, beautiful loops that progress within the set, like closing your eyes as the morning breeze gently goes through you, leaving an imprint of calm and serene warmth. The critically acclaimed ‘ master of analog ‘ lives up to his name once again and effectively transported the audience beyond the rainy night. Be sure to check out his new album at apegenine. Cover painted by Clara Fauvel.

Netlabel: Camomille
Release Date: 2005-10-12
Release-ID: cam087
Music Style: AMBIENT
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