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»Composition in red« by Xedh

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We’d like to welcome you to the new year with one of our most ambitious releases to date, Xedh’s Composition in red. Clocking just under 24 minutes, Miguel A. Garcia gives us motion, enhancing and pushing the limits of perspective, leaving prudence and opening the listener to unpredictable movements. In a constant struggle for balance, Xedh explores mathetmatics and cognitive logic on one side and pits it against nature and harmony. The result is an abstract brawl for domination, as you can discern the organic tissue from the synthetic in their collisions.

There is an uneasy, but raw, universal beauty to this track, like throwing paint on a wall with rage and watching it trickle down. Composition in red’s dichotomy, dynamic and intrigue is both sonic and visual, and it feels like you’re bearing witness to the creation, and destruction, of a Pollock or Rothko. Also included in this release, is a 4 part video release, directed by Sara Paniagua, and she rightfully explores Xedh’s music with compassion, distance and romanticism. She melds chaos and staticity into one hour of recordings; including a walk in the woods, a choreographed presentation and various visual experimentations.

Netlabel: Camomille
Release Date: 2007-01-18
Release-ID: cam097
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