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»Cloudburst EP« by Shiftless

Cover of Cloudburst EP

Resident artist Shiftless is back ! Not only is he the first artist to ever release on camomille, but he’s also one of the artists who helped shape that camomille sound. Following up on his single Empty and Matricaria Chamomilla’s Emenating Spirits, Cloudburst is composed of 2 sweet tracks who will definitely make you shiver; flowin’ of implicity and introspection, these tracks are so organic it’s as if they breathe, as if they lived. Slowly screaming of painfull beauty, strings and piano fuse with space, noise and spirituality to bring this grand EP the very significant role of emotional omnipotence. Perfect space exploration music or meditation music + behavioural sound construction.

Netlabel: Camomille
Release Date: 2004-02-29
Release-ID: cam057
Music Style: IDM
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