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»Cycles« by Various Artists

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Finally we’re here at number 100! We’ve happily and passionately brought you free quality music in the last 6 years and to celebrate the big number we decided to give you this special compilation. 44 tracks and more than 3 hours and a half of marvelously delicious free music.

Also, for the first time we release an artpack with the compilation, compiling 13 artists and 20 pieces. So here are the artists we feature on Camomille’s Cycles compilation : Lackluster, Twerk, Henrik Jose / Bliss, Julien Neto, Khonnor, Ilkae, Talve, Anders Ilar, Hunz, Jemapur, Proswell, Vim, Epoq,ST, Pocka, Troupe, Makunouchi Bento, Tang Kai / Mikael Fyrek, Blisaed / Seathasky, Sense, Transient, Fah, Planet Boelex feat. Lisa’s Antenna, Emanuele Errante, Kaneel, Shiftless, The Open Directory Project, Nil, Hofuku Sochi, Kyle Dawkins, Ks, Slash, Muhr, Papercutz, Imtech, Beatslaughter, The Kodama Institute, Mattia Marchi and MigloJE. As for graphic artists, Canada’s Yvan Meunier, Philippe Jacques, Lenia Mcfarland, Marianne Bousquet, 143, From the twisted mind of Liv and what not, Pascal Yelle, Clara Fauvel, SpecialK & Family, Dan Vulk ; My.little.lie from portugal and Heidi Bee from england.

We sincerely hope you appreciate this amazing roster of musical and graphic artist and we hope to see you around for the next 100 releases!

Netlabel: Camomille
Release Date: 2007-11-28
Release-ID: cam100
Music Style: AMBIENT – IDM
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