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»Demeter weeps« by Various Artists

Cover of Demeter weeps

‘In the landscape of spring, there is neither better nor worse. The flowering branches grow naturally, some long, some short.’’ -Zen saying, It is as winter collapses that we release this magnificient compilation, somewhat of a soundtrack for the rejuvenation of the comatose vegetation, soaked in melting snow, stretching for the heat we all so direly waited for in our 4 months of deep sleep. Compiling vairous forms of ambient music, from academic to organic, to loopy, and more, all these wonderfull experiments in texture sweep by you like a soft whisper. It features great artists from across the netlabel scene and more; Huw Roberts (serein owner), Herzog (serein), Muhr (miasmah, serein), Direwires (apegenine, moodgadget), Lum (filament recordings owner), Fah (ronin collective, yomi records), Valzi (backtrack owner), Shiftless (camomille, apegenine), Transient (noisy vagabond owner, monotonik), Pirouette, Emmanuel Errante (apegenine, netsock fest owner) and Troupe(backtrack, ronin collective). We are very happy to release a compilation with such difference and individuality between talented artists and their music, but also with such a coesive, overall homogeneity that we feel like it’s all meant to be and we are spectators of an evolving entity.

Netlabel: Camomille
Release Date: 2006-03-30
Release-ID: cam092
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