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»a heartsick lovesong« by Pocka

Cover of a heartsick lovesong

What better then when the leaves fall and the autumn blues kick in, then to listen to this beautiful ep by Kikapu owner Brad Mitchell, aka Pocka, who seldom releases but when he does, offers exquisite and powerfull pieces of ambient / field recordings ( check his pleasedosomething and nishi releases ). A heartsick lovesong is just as the title implies ; carefully drawned pieces of sorrowfull and epic moments that either show the darker ravines of consciousness or the warmer, soothing side of introspection and soul searching.

A definite netlabel masterpiece, Brad not only shows us his great technique (this is a live recording) but also his vulnerability to all things that touch us, which makes this album subtle and filled with humility, yet, also heroic. Cover by Adnan-Alin Vasile & Felix Petrescu.

Netlabel: Camomille
Release Date: 2006-09-28
Release-ID: cam095
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