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»live in NYC - The found tapes« by Hofuku Sochi

Cover of live in NYC - The found tapes

We are thrilled to release this grand 41 minutes-long ep by Germany’s Hofuku Sochi ( Japanese for Massive Retaliation ). Releasing on hardware platforms before on labels such as Orange Audio and Plattenmeister, they have conceived an ep to be the precursor to their upcoming lp on Popup records ‘’ Min_tek’’ as well as a netaudio release aiming to reach listereners via uncommercial ways. Recorded in 2003 in a 3 day live recording sessions, this ep places you in ‘ an imaginary hofuku sochi concert ‘. Comprised of 6 tracks each more individual than the other, yet entwined in familiarity, they let us sift through dubby landscapes, housy constructs and serene, calm atmospheres.

Netlabel: Camomille
Release Date: 2004-12-03
Release-ID: cam073
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