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»Nano Giga Tera« by Sascha Müller

Cover of Nano Giga Tera

Following his very successful EPs over at netaudio fames Nishi and Kahvi, german musician Sascha Müller ( also known as Phramacom ) graces us with his idm/experimental ep ‘’ Nano Giga Tera ‘’. This 4 track ep consists of lushious explorations in minimal noises, ambient deconstruction, and masterfull rythmetic architecture. The ep is dark and subtle, but has the distinct and paradoxal charateristic of pulling you in, with its hypnotising melodies, crunching but smooth textures and great space-enducing soundscapism. Very enjoyable and intellectually stimulating release !

Netlabel: Camomille
Release Date: 2004-02-01
Release-ID: cam054
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