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»Vs« by Vs

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What a special release for the holidays ! We present to you Paris, France’s VS, a group of 5 dedicated to rediscovering guitars and alternative rock while delving into many elements of experimentation. A strangely appealing crossbreading of trip-hop, post-rock and some hints and bursts of nu-metal and progressive rock, VS creates impressive moments; frozen in a subtle, delicate environment, you travel within VS’ darker fissures, hovering over the singer’s evocating lyrics and through pulsating, progressing elevations to a nostalgic, dramatic climax. VS create their own world, applying visual aesthetic to their music’s structure, pushing way beyond the confines of alternative rock thanks to their inventive composing and energizing interpretations.

Netlabel: Camomille
Release Date: 2006-12-05
Release-ID: cam096
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