New Music

New Discoveries

While I am slowly building up I once again listen to lots of free music available in the deep worlds of netlabels. Here are some of my current favorites, discovered while digging into the archives.

Melodic Chill Out

You mustn’t rip »Blond But Dark EP« by Supine appart… It works in one wonderful flow. Perfect dreamy and melodic music to drift away.

Smooth, Calm and Deep Minimal Techno

I like »3Winterwaerme« by Martin Donath on Realaudio very much. Just a relaxing, rolling groove with some crackles on top like a fire in the chimney.

Some more IDM Gems…

…by Plosive. Listen to

»caught your tumble (plosive mix)«

and one of my netaudio-alltime-favorites

»likgiltligheten ((inte likgiltig langre mix by plosive)«

Playful, Diverse and Melodic IDM

»Neutral« by Plosive is the perfect release for you, if you enjoy IDM full of melodies. Like a reviewer wrote »Incredibly agile music that wanders all over the map (chiptunes, dub, idm, even a certain 80’s flair..) while still retaining a focused clarity.« My favorites are…

»everythings everything«…

…and the hit »graphing«.

Fluffy House Music…

…by Digitalverein titled »Face The Horizon« on Thinner.

Lush Melodic Electronica

Enjoy some guitars melodies from Arrial on »For The Love«. Check out…

»Tomorrow I Start My Homework (Daniel Blomqvist Mix)«

»Tomorrow I Start My Homework«

Dubtechno meets Acid »Orbicle«

…by rktic on »Acid Dubs«

Dubtechno: »A Walk On Deep Snow«…

…by rktic on »Northern Lights«.

Ambient: »sctl14«…

from »Tiefe Berge« by Emil Klotzsch.