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»Neutral« by Plosive

Cover of Neutral

These songs from mid 2003 to early 2004 were compiled for a recent live performance at Standard Deviation. The mix derived from an earlier demo cd with songs from 2003, but newer songs have been added and some updated. Limited wood box sets (30) were given away and sold. This release is 1 track shy of the box cd, which includes the song ‘underlined (alt)’.

Other than the APM side project, this is the first full netlabel release from Plosive, the founder of One. Being just under 37 minutes, its crammed with music but still manages to give you the room to listen and think. A union of rhythm, ambience, melodic hooks and often dubby basslines constantly shifting the main focus between emotion, memory, and groove…

  1. sado
  2. pavlovian fear
  3. informal fireworks
  4. plosive - dirty button
  5. plosive - loomer
  6. new kitten
  7. the night supervisor
  8. acorn
  9. everythings everything
  10. graphing
  11. fragments

Run time 36:32

Netlabel: One
Release Date: 2004-08-01
Release-ID: one012
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