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»Bone Mountain« by Dead Eros

Cover of Bone Mountain

Another stalwart Monotonik releaser over the past few years, Dead Eros returns one last time with the noisy, triumphant ‘Bone Mountain’, climbing that pile of dead things with little regard to safety, snare fills, or life and limb.

Really, when you start with ‘Breadbox’, you can go on with happiness, given the amount of almost Aphex-ish convulsions the drums bring to the table, and things continue from there with marvel, given the sheer depth of ‘Inside Sunshine’.

It continues, up and down, and by the time we get to the final track, we feel like we’re really at the top of ‘Bone Mountain’, looking down on the poor souls who didn’t make it, and now comprise the whole of the thing that - well - you just climbed up. Snare rush.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2009-12-07
Release-ID: mtk218
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