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Monotonik is an Internet-only music label that exclusively releases electronic music online in the mp3 format.

In their words: All of our releases are freely downloadable and distributable for personal, non-commercial use, and we’ve been releasing .mp3 and .mod files online since May 1996. We offer mellow and melodic »idm« electronic music, alongside bleep-inflected retro videogame soundtrack stylings, plus selections of more uptempo breakbeat, drum and bass, and ‘nu chill’, courtesy DJs, groups, and producers from all over the world. More information about the label is available at our main website.

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If you want to take a deep dive into the history of Monotonik visit the old website and enter the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

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Releases in Catalogue: 218
Netlabel-ID: mtk


  • Cover of Sous L'Eau A Pied
  • Cover of Bothersome (Mother Mix)
  • Cover of Contours Of Infinity
  • Cover of 13/10/99
  • Cover of Foob
  • Cover of Counting Stars
  • Cover of We're Like Air, Everywhere At Once
  • Cover of 220500
  • Cover of DDD
  • Cover of My Human Side
  • Cover of Rubik
  • Cover of Floss
  • Cover of Thinmute
  • Cover of Life On The Rooftop
  • Cover of Pasteism EP
  • Cover of I'll Meet You There EP
  • Cover of Maintenance Werk
  • Cover of Spaceman Far Away From Home
  • Cover of The Quiet EP
  • Cover of Bracken Bed EP
  • Cover of Sprinking Rainbows