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»Scene Sexshun« by Clark Vent

Cover of Scene Sexshun

Finnish musician Olavi Inha has previously released on Monotonik with two memorable releases under his Flutterspot alias. But he returns here with another pseudonym, Clark Vent, and with it brings a charming full album of bleepy, semi-abstract uptempo electronic deliciousness in the form of ‘Scene Sexshun’.

Sure, ‘Pardon Me, Clark Kent’ is a sensible start, all up and down and around the houses, but the amusingly named ‘Hello A Lot And Yes Disco’ is a much better statement of intent, crazy spiralling sine waves and almost random-sounding bleep goodness stamped all over the place.

Other highlights include ‘Mimosa’, with an almost Beak-like guitar deconstruction at play, and ‘Fake Marriage Interlude’, which almost sounds like a lost Mario level end theme. It’s that all of the place, and it’s that gorgeous, folks. Enjoy.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2009-12-07
Release-ID: mtk216
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