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»Lighter Industry EP« by Ilkae

Cover of Lighter Industry EP

You may know Ilkae from previous releases on Monotonik and also on awesome, now dormant Miami-based physical label Merck. Well, four years after 2004’s beautiful Stained Glass Confetti, backing up a self-released full-length, Ilkae returns with a similar deal - an awesome EP extracting from a new album.

This time, ‘Lighter Industry’ is a companion piece to the new, limited-edition Ilkae album ‘Light Industry’.

As for this EP, it starts out with the deliciously semi-random ‘LSK’, before lapsing into the more relaxed with the fizzy ‘Magnesium’. Other highlights include ‘Espirit De Corps’, which is almost Aleksi Eeben-esque in its pure indirectness, and the grin-inducingly named ‘Endless Bark’, all phasing ambient yum. Fanks, Ilkae!

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2008-09-28
Release-ID: mtk206
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