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»Wobo Jomodo« by Coax

Cover of Wobo Jomodo

Another, long in coming Monotonik release from Scandinavian artist Coax, and ‘Wobo Jomodo’ is a charming set of music in the classic sense of laidback electronica.

Starting out, we have the rolling, sharp ‘Balloon Funk 1’, with all kinds of sustain being built up as the bass burbles along happily in the background, before we roll into ‘Gion’, all sine beeps and happy camping.

Elsewhere in the EP, highlights include the glimmering, almost futuristic ‘Apple Beat’, with its frantic bleeps and breakbeats, before a second ‘Balloon Funk’ and a final, triumphant ‘Gecta’, all stately exit. Bravo.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2008-07-21
Release-ID: mtk204
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