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»Synesthesia« by Risch

Cover of Synesthesia

A Monotonik debut from UK electronic music artist Risch, who brings an almost Ninja Tune-esque cut-up electronics aesthetic to us with his debut EP, ‘Synesthesia’ - a delightfully flippant mix of voice samples, funky beats, and beauteous melodies.

The whole caboodle starts out with ‘Doppelverstraker’, which grooves along to a relaxed beat while also popping in samples about the pressures of modern life, before ‘Observing Fractals In Clouds’ tries the spikier, glitchier beats with great results.

Meanwhile, it ends out with ‘Under A Starry Sky’, epic guitars vs synths, and ‘5.08AM’, a chilled closer drifting off into the distance. Another example that this style of electronic music is far from dead in 2008 - 12 years after we started - and reason for us to be happy to still be here. Yay.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2008-06-22
Release-ID: mtk203
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