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»Junctions EP« by Distruc

Cover of Junctions EP

A Monotonik debut from UK-based electronic music artist Distruc, whom you might know from releases on Hippocamp and his co-founding of Japanese electronic japesters the Freeta Corrective, as well as his debut physical album ‘Clip & Glide’, released on Australian label Artists Known As.

In any case, his debut EP for us, ‘Junctions’, is a satisfyingly crunchy set of almost electro-tinged, pure headphone listening idm, which we continue to cherish like we’re Gollum, and ‘Path’ sets it up beautifully, all loops of life and whooping drums.

All of the long, flowing tracks work wonderfully, but ‘Unlock’ is another highlight, with mechanical percussion and sweeping chord repetition, plus a surprisingly funky robotic bassline at play. Things finish out with ‘Crossings’, another bass-heavy jam through Detroit vs. idm super-pure sine wave skronk - and we are happy.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2007-11-25
Release-ID: mtk194
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