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»Exist EP« by Seathasky

Cover of Exist EP

We’re delighted to release this 3-track EP from Seathasky, who you may not think you’ve heard of, but is also known as previous Monotonik releaser Blisaed, who uses this moniker for his more electronica tinged, beautifully produced electronic music.

And, well, we’ll let Blisaed himself describe his release: “Matthew Centonze, as an artist, has been in the game since 1997 creating music for the Internet scene for many different netlabels under his IDM/experimental moniker Blisaed. Now, going back to his roots of electronic music, he presents Seathasky… Since early 2004, Seathasky has only released one EP called Polygon Prison under the defunct netlabel Nuspirt. Now after 2 years, he releases the Exist EP.”

The EP itself starts out with the beautifully poised ‘In Space’, and continues through the delightful ‘Never’ before the final track, ‘Exist’, features upcoming Monotonik solo releaser Troupe with some spectacularly executed lyrics - and we’re delighted to release it on the label.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2006-12-17
Release-ID: mtk176
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