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»In A Distant Forest Somewhere EP« by Akira Kosemura

Cover of In A Distant Forest Somewhere EP

One of the first all-ambient releases on Monotonik in quite some time, this 3-track EP from relatively undiscovered Japanese artist Akira Kosemura is a beautifully naturalistic drift through what sounds like field recordings twinned with sweet sine waves melodies - reminiscent of anything from Lackluster at his most ambient to fellow Japanese Monotonik releaser Sabii.

Thus, we have three delicate treats to enjoy - firstly, ‘Forest In The Morning’ has a repeated motif and an almost sepuchral tempo, but overall sounds like the trilling of nature happily at work. Following up, ‘June’ is definitely all about life in the forest, with woodpeckers, and calm, and wonder. Finally, the cutely named ‘Catnap’ strays almost into Brian Eno territory, with shimmering lakes of sound, and bass wandering in to shake your convictions and restore your happiness, all at once.

Overall, a most appetizing debut for Kosemura (who thanks friend Yuma Saito for the cover image to the EP), and the start of what we hope will be a glorious summer for all Monotonik listeners. And try to relax as much as these tracks do, OK?

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2006-06-25
Release-ID: mtk167
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