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»When EP« by Dead Eros

Cover of When EP

Another debut, then, and this time an American practitioner of the dark idm arts, in the form of Ann Arbor, MI-based Dead Eros. Monsieur Eros has run his own Music Is For Assholes label for some time, hangs with the Ghostly International chaps, but produces a distinctly contrasting output to anything they might put out - from light, sinewave-strewn idm to dark, foreboding ambient.

Thus, ‘When EP’ is three pieces of brightness and one chunk of shadow, with lead track ‘When We Are Home’ characterizing the whole kit and caboodle, meandering and majestic all at once. Even more precise is ‘When We Are Scared’, a choral call to microchips everywhere, before ‘I Don’t Need To Wake Up’ goes deep into the recesses, somewhere near Biosphere territory, and things end of the offbeat, quirky, found-itself-again stylings of ‘When We Are Lost’. But we’re not lost - we’re very much here, and happy, and now.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2005-11-25
Release-ID: mtk156
Music Style: IDM
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