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»Jag Och Psilodump« by Psilodump

Cover of Jag Och Psilodump

Straight from the mind of Swedish hellraiser Psilodump, who’s released on super-smart labels such as 8bitpeoples and Micromusic, as well as being part of the rather smart X-Dump collective, ‘Jag Och Psilodump’ is a spectacularly eclectic 6-track EP which bounces all over the map, showcasing Psilodump’s distinctly weird, distinctly different stylings.

Things start with ‘Winds (Snabber Mix)’, which is all hyper-fast drums and oddly burlesque melodies, before ‘Omtanke7’ cuts in, again with oddly indescribable, almost demo-scene styled melodies, before the almost junglist ‘Jag Hatar Psilodump’ hangs around, all vicious and twisting in the wind, and again underlining that the Swedish artist’s unclassifiability plays majorly to his advantage.

It only gets better from there on out, ending in a military deconstruction of ‘Winds’ by fellow X-Dump colleague and former Monotonik releaser Dorothy’s Magic Bag. Mommy, we’re scared…

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2005-11-03
Release-ID: mtk155
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