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»El Hacedor EP« by Beak

Cover of El Hacedor EP

We’ve made release #150 in style, thanks to Monotonik artist Beak, who previously released the much-loved ‘Amoral Mayor Earwig EP’ last year. This time, he’s returned with the guitar-idm specialness of ‘El Hacedor EP’, featuring three tracks originally composed for the Project168 collective’s efforts earlier in 2005, and his mix of contemplative acoustics and carefully nimble percussion.

We start proceedings with ‘Baileyi’, all peaking hi-hats, wolf howls, and carefully picked guitars, before moving on to the beautifully slowed-down ‘The Maker’, which gently weeps while pirouetting around the subject - much more a Spanish lament than anything that can be classed ‘intelligent dance music’, whatever the heck that means. Finally, we have ‘He Descends Into His Memory’, which is spectacularly complex, wonderfully driving, and a suitably fitting end to this touching sophomore effort. Long may Beak keep quacking. w

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2005-07-31
Release-ID: mtk150
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