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»Second Thoughts EP« by Planet Boelex

Cover of Second Thoughts EP

We’re delighted to present a second EP from Finnish artist Planet Boelex, following his first release for Monotonik in the form of the ‘Sinking In The Soup EP’. Boelex is also known as long-time .MOD artist Tweeter, a noted alumni of early labels such as Voodoo, and continues to delight allcomers with his beautifully composed, wonderfully melodic idm sound - oddly retro, but somehow still relevant.

The ‘Second Thoughts EP’ starts with the slow build of ‘Shower Curtain’, all shimmering melody and regular, gorgeously staged, before ‘Windbreak’ ups the ante with even more gorgeous, smooth electronics, and ‘Seed Of Steel’ vibrates in the air, marvellously circumspect, before we get to the last track, a wonderful remix of ST’s ‘I Met A Girl With Butterfly Wings’, only this time the girl is echo-strewn and distant and inspired and electronic and just so evocative, thanks to the marvel of the Planet that is Boelex.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2005-05-29
Release-ID: mtk147
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