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»Be EP« by Transient

Cover of Be EP

Starting out, we have ‘Ice’, a great stepping-off point for the experience, with pin-sharp percussion and dreamy melodies firmly to the fore. Then we get gratifyingly choppy, with ‘Pinocchio Jazzhands’ a strutting, funky electronic melange. A brief pause, with ‘Treelighting Ceremony…’ and its constant ambient waves, and ‘The Triumphant Return Of The Vigorous Chipmunk’ blasts up a continuation of a theme on Transient’s last Monotonik EP with aplomb. Finally, ‘Ace’ provides a counterpoint for ‘Ice’ and ends things off in style, all pulsing, almost Steve Reich-tinged swirling, repeating melodies with strange, wondrous complexity - marvellous.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2005-04-17
Release-ID: mtk145
Music Style: AMBIENT
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