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»Pasteism EP« by Braces Tower

Cover of Pasteism EP

It’s good to come back to what you know, and we felt like UK artist Braces Tower, previously member of the Wiija-signed, Radiohead-supporting, Peel Session-ing Loveblobs way back in the mists of time, was due another release on Monotonik with his delightful blend of sass, electronics, and intelligent sampledelica, since his first ‘Pshhh EP’ was so well received by all a year or two back. So we asked him nicely, and the round-up compilation ‘Pasteism’ is the unholy result.

So there’s a great deal of diversity across the 8 tracks of ‘Pasteism’, from the opening, wonderfully languid meanderings of ‘Action Jackson’, seguing straight into the frantic skank of ‘El Fuego’ - and the hits just keep on coming from there. Some of the other highlights? Let’s try the sophisticated jazz of ‘Spelling Bee’, the funky Sesame-ish groove of ‘Eleven Twelve’, and the ending, tremendously blissed out nu chill of ‘Nameless’. We’re not nameless, but we are speechless.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2004-06-03
Release-ID: mtk131
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