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»Maddi EP« by Oveloe

Cover of Maddi EP

The debut release from Canada’s contemplative, indielectronicOveloe, aka Charles Bisaillon, who’s previously released an excellent EP on net.label Kikapu, shows a beautifully phrased grasp of strangely retro-sounding, but absolutely not bleep heavy electronics. Soulful, considered, and intelligent, it makes the weirdest sense to us.

As for the individual songs, ‘Transistor Love’, the first track, allows a throbbing backbeat drift and a plaintive, multi-tiered lead, before seguing into an elliptic ‘Mostly Misty’, almost reminiscent of Monotonik cohort Anders Svensson in its looped approach to linearity. Next, the beautiful ‘Petit Serpent’ allows faster, more pattering beats, before ‘Madeleine’ locks thing down with a mellow, angelic final track. It’s all about the feeling thatyou’re where nobody can touch you, and Oveloe provides four very good reasons to feel that way, right here, right now.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2003-09-12
Release-ID: mtk117
Music Style: IDM
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