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»It's Not The Sweetness... EP« by Bliss

Cover of It's Not The Sweetness... EP

The second release from Sweden’s Bliss, aka Henrik Jose, and this lovingly crafted 3-track EP cements his reputation as creator of some of the lushest, most beautiful electronics around. With his previous net.label releases on Fairlight Music and success at the Assembly demoparty last year, his vocal-blended, multi-layered, live instrument-appropriating angle creates, well, just sublime results, well-deserving of a record deal any time now, we reckon.

This EP starts out with ‘Transportation Is Bliss’, all delicious melodies and tonal interplay, before seguing into the plain beautiful ‘Free At Least’, with pure-sung vocals and surprisingly hard-driving drums. Finally, ‘It’s Not The Sweetness..’ is all pitched-up voice and spiralling piano, subtle and inspiring, almost too good to give away. Thanks again for Bliss for doing so, anyhow - it’s a gesture everyone can appreciate.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2003-08-24
Release-ID: mtk116
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