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»As Time Passes EP« by Blisaed

Cover of As Time Passes EP

We’re delighted to showcase the first Monotonik EP fromAmerican artist Matt Centonze, under his Blisaed moniker.Matt’s released on smaller netlabels and his own site as Echion and Mistrial before, but the “As Time Passes EP” drifts through some beautifully produced indie electronic moods, alternately sophisticated and restful.

First off, it’s “Megan’s Guitar”, with some serene spokenword and strummed guitar melding wonderfully, before “Far From Home” works up the percussives into more of a understated frenzy. Then, newest track “Connect” let everyone connect into Blisaed’s superdelicious blissful world, before Matt’s remix of (previous Monotonik releaser) Darkhalo’s “Analog SnowBunny Girl” gets all orchestral and lushly analog on our collective eardrums. Good stuff indeed.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2003-07-10
Release-ID: mtk113
Music Style: IDM
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