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»For Your Broken Heart EP« by Grandma

Cover of For Your Broken Heart EP

Finally, a third EP from US-based wonderboy (what is the secret of his power?) Grandma, aka Khonnor, aka Bronty The Shynocerous. Another four tracks of guitar-strummed, plaintively sung, wonderfully cut-up geektronica, we’re delighted that people are really beginning to ‘get’ Grandma - he hopefully has material coming out on the forthcoming label Type, alongside cool peeps like Mokira (Mille Plateaux) and RJ Valeo (Hobby Industries), and he has a track as Khonnor adapting This Instrument on the new Soulseek Records compilation.

So, in the short wait before you can buy infinite amounts of Grandma albums in your local record store, try out these exquisite 4 tracks. “Kl”, the opener, has an intensely beautiful acoustic guitar backing, overlaid with slo-mo stories of longing and wanting and we’re not even sure what else. “Poke” is an evocative piece of alternately pumping and serene melody, and ‘Are We Dead Yet?’ twins intensely drifting chords with the most amazing spoken word piece about, well, laptop religion.

Finally, “Comics Battle” ends on a high note, all plaintive lead and Jenkinson-esque drums, the rhomboid port after the crystalline storm. It’s been a sweet trip so far.. and who knows where the aftermath will lead?

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2003-07-08
Release-ID: mtk104
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