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»Ray EP« by Super Science

Cover of Ray EP

The second of three ‘virtual 7-inch’ releases from Australia’s Mark Mitchell, these 2 tracks are also from the super-limited Splashdown CDRs released in 1999, and pretty much unavailable until now.

Clue To Kalo, Mark’s new project, has had its ‘Come Here When You Sleepwalk’ album picked up by Mush Records in the US and The Leaf Label in Europe, and we HIGHLY recommend checking that album out if you want to hear the evolution of his vocal-blended, lush style that has the guys at Leaf comparing him to early Badly Drawn Boy and Folk Implosion.

But this Super Science material is nirvana unto itself, and ‘Soft Like Fingertips’ is all pastoral multi-layering, with hints of vocoded voice like the honking of geese in a carefully positioned V-shape. And “Two Planets In Twenty Days” is even further amidst the long grass, evoking cosmic overtones but harking back to those ’70s home movies, with the patina of age lovingly added by, well, God. And extra points if you can work out the title of the 3rd ‘virtual 7 inch’, out soon. :)

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2003-07-08
Release-ID: mtk101
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