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»Ruminous (Ambient Mix)« by Sense

Cover of Ruminous (Ambient Mix)

We’re proud to present the first Monotonik release from Australian artist Sense for almost 2 years (where does time go?), and since his last release with us, his Neo-Ouija album, “A View From A Vulnerable Place”, has come out to not insignificant acclaim. Add to that a split 12” with Xhale on Civik, a couple of very neat EPs on Aural Industries, and forthcoming material on Enough Records and Merck, and we can see he’s pleasantly indisposed in terms of releasing material.

Fortunately, he managed to find time in his busy schedule to sneak us “Ruminous (Ambient Mix)”, and it’s a doozy of a hyper-melodic drift through the kind of arpegiating idm landscapes that Sense is truly best at creating. From the initial understated start, right through the build to the conglomerated whole, it’s clear that this is a superclassy proto-ambient act. And, quite frankly, long may Sense prevail over craziness and keep creating such gorgeously chilled masterpieces.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2003-07-08
Release-ID: mtk089
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