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»Time For The Squares« by Vim!

Cover of Time For The Squares

Whilst our long-time companion Vim! is preparing for his second album on Surgery, upcoming material on Civik, and his appearance on the Machine Drum remixLP on Merck, he’s been doing some sabbatical work on the VERY cool Nintendo Gameboy music creation software package,‘Little Sound DJ’.

So, exclusively for the benefit of Monotonik types, we have this megamix-styled Vim! jam, “Time For The Squares”, all created just using an old-style black+white Nintendo Gameboy and LSDJ! Spanning over 11 minutes, it starts with some serious bassline + drum-roll callisthenics, before transitioning into arpegiating goodness and off-beat, pure, sinewave-y melodies, and finishing off, supremely, with a cover version of Leftfield’s “Phat Planet”, complete with robotvoicesampled bliss.

We think the particularly neat thing about this megamix is that it sounds pretty different from the majority of lo-fi, retro stuff out there - there’s no overdone chords, there’s no excessive saccharin. What there is is surprisingly complex beats and a harder, cleaner aesthetic that, ultimately, pays off bigtime. We claim.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2003-07-08
Release-ID: mtk085
Music Style:
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